There are basically two broad categories of mediators, namely Statutory Mediators and Private Mediators.
Master Mediators are qualified by experience, qualification and training .

Statutory Mediators

There are two kinds of Statutory Mediators in South Africa.  They are Court-annexed Mediators and Social Workers.  We offer membership to both categories of Statutory Mediators who successfully complete our training courses and comply with the statutory requirements for their designations.

Court-annexed Mediators

Court-annexed Mediators are appointed by the Department of Justice in terms of the Court-annexed Mediation Rules, and they may mediate civil disputes in designated lower courts in SA.​  Social Workers are also, by virtue of their designation, recognized as mediators in terms of the Children's Act, 38 of 2005.  Click on the button below to find a Social Justice trained and certified Court-annexed Mediator. 

Private Mediators

There are five categories of independent mediators that we acknowledge, namely Divorce & Family Mediators, Civil & Commercial Mediators, Restorative Justice Practitioners, Maintenance Mediators and Peacemakers.  We offer membership to all five categories of Private / Independent Mediators who successfully complete our training, except for Civil & Commercial Mediators who have successfully completed a DiSAC course.

Divorce & Family Mediators

Divorce & Family Mediators must be trained by Social Justice and are subject to the NABFAM national norms and standards for accreditation, of which we are an accredited service provider.  This category of mediators deal with divorce and other family disputes such as parenting plans, parental responsibility and rights agreements, maintenance matters and domestic violence disputes only in appropriate cases, etc.  Click on the button below to find a NABFAM accredited Divorce & Family Mediator.

Civil & Commercial Mediators

Civil & Commercial Mediators are not trained by Social Justice, but we recognize the training offered by accredited DiSAC service providers.  These mediators are trained to deal with disputes that are normally dealt with by civil courts, except for family and labour disputes.  Click on the button below to find a Civil & Commercial Mediator.

Workplace Mediators

Workplace Mediators are not trained by Social Justice, but we recognize the training offered by Conflict Dynamics, a DiSAC accredited training service provider.  Workplace mediators are trained to deal with labour disputes, but it is possible to settle workplace disputes without the formalities available in terms of the labour law system.  Click on the button below to find a Workplace Mediator.

Restorative Justice Practitioners

Restorative Justice Practitioners must be trained by Social Justice and are subject to the SARJAB national norms and standards for accreditation, of which we are an accredited service provider.  This category of practitioners deal with criminal matters, community and civil disputes where restitution and the repairing of harm is relevant to settlement.  Click on the button below to find a Restorative Justice Practitioners.


Peacemakers are trained and accredited by Social Justice and adhere to international ethics, norms and standards.  This is an entry level for ADR practitioners, but can at the same time be a specialized field of expertise.  They deal with a variety of community disputes and social issues, which are normally not covered by the other clearly identified ADR disciplines. 

Master Mediators

Master Mediators are qualified by experience, qualification and training.  They must receive training in at least one discipline by Social Justice, have a proven track record as a mediator of at least seven years in one or more fields, plus an NQF Level 7 Qualification in ADR or a related field.  Click on the button below to find a Master Mediator.


About Social Justice NPO (165-067NPO)

Social Justice Association of Mediators is a Non-profit Organisation with its head quarters in Cape Town, incorporated in terms of the laws of the Republic of SA.  It renders a variety of services to members of the public and government departments.  It functions with various cost centres, including the membership organisation structure with a subcommittee as its board for the benefit of its members.  The organisation is managed by its Board of Executive members and co-opted members. 


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Social Justice NPO is home to like-minded individuals with a shared vision and mission to address inequalities in society, various social justice issues by promoting access to justice, restoring justice to a deeply divided society, the rendering access to justice through alternative dispute resolution including mediation, restorative justice & peacemaking and the empowering individuals & communities through education and training.